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The development of modern technology and smartphone devices is the foundation for live streaming applications to be born and develop strongly. Typical among them must be mentioned Mango Live. With this application, all users and especially young people will have many opportunities to get acquainted, make friends, or even become Idol Livestream.

Mango Live

What is Mango Live?

So what exactly is Mango Live? This is a social networking application that helps live stream users talk, watch videos as well as make friends from all over the world. With a variety of effects, eye-catching stickers, you will be able to live stream with confidence. You will not need to worry about your barefaced, lifeless face without makeup. All had Mango Live handled quickly and made you extremely satisfied.

Besides, it is simpler than ever to follow and watch interesting videos of idols, friends or chat with them.

Mango Live is considered an extremely potential application. It is also a pioneering application in the field of live streaming through an application platform on smartphone devices. Thereby connecting users around the world with Idol Livestreams. With a friendly and easy-to-use interface at the Mango Live app, you can easily connect, communicate, and date people.

The highlight of the live stream application is its convenience. You can broadcast live images to your fans or friends instead of having to wait to shoot and then post them on social networks like in the past. This is also an extremely effective tool to help people directly introduce products, answer or support customers according to current trends.

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This is a completely free application for users. Create interaction between users with Idol Live Streams and between Idol Live Streams. You can install this application on your device without any charge. With the latest version, the application has been optimized for all problems that users encounter when watching live. Help users have a more complete experience when using the application and participating in the livestream.

The main features of the application

Features are always the top concern for users when learning about any application? If these features stand out and meet their needs, they will make a decision to download and use the app. With Mango Live, users can experience the great features of this application. Take full advantage of the application’s features to get the most complete experience.

Create a live streaming room

Create a live stream room so you can socialize and talk with people quickly and easily. Not only that, with interesting moments, agility, intelligence, and grace in each live stream, you will have the opportunity to become a Livestream Idol quickly. When conducting a live stream, you can talk about a variety of topics such as study, work, social knowledge, youth trend updates, games, etc. The majority of viewers on the Mango Live application are all young people, even teenagers, so all your words and stories should be used in moderation and civilized.

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Make friends with people all over the world

In the era of technology development and social networking sites, making friends from all over the world is probably not too strange for everyone anymore. With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, … must be very familiar to many people. However, if you want to have more new and exciting experiences, you can choose  app. You can follow and make friends with the people you love through Mango Live. Making friends with many people around the world is also a great opportunity for you to interact and learn about many different cultures.

Bringing people together through live streaming

Users can easily watch videos of their friends and favorite idols through each of their live broadcasts. And if you’re looking to be a livestream idol, follow more celebrities to learn how to live stream from them. The videos are also arranged by the system in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner by topic. From there, you can easily search and choose.

Different from other apps, allows live streamers, chat, and increased interaction with viewers and other live streamers. This feature allows the screen to display a thumbnail in the left corner of the screen. Users can switch to their live stream room by tapping on the thumbnail. This way is also considered very effective to help you increase the number of viewers.

Currently, there are thousands of people joining the live stream and becoming idols in APP. You can find and connect with them easily, selectively through how MangoLive works and present the right audience for your needs. App will compile a list of live streamers (idols) according to various criteria such as popularity, live time, new streamer, new idol, or popular person. like and follow.

Besides, this application also allows users to connect with random idols. Users only need to swipe up or swipe down to join their room. And certain rooms can be entered without fear that they are locked.

Beautiful filter and extremely high quality

When participating in a live stream, users no longer feel anxious because they are afraid that their image will not look good. Because there will be many beautiful and unique stickers and stickers for you to choose from. From there, they are more confident and attract more viewers.

Chat and give gifts

You can text, talk, and gift your Idols or friends during a live stream. If you are an idol, you can create streaming videos anytime you want and can receive gifts from viewers. And of course, these gifts can be exchanged for coins (a currency used in app) or real money. That’s why many people have chosen Mango Live to develop and make money with their own talent and passion.

Singing, telling stories, exchanging, and playing games are popular activities that attract a lot of viewers. And if they’re impressed with what you’re doing, they’ll donate to you. Besides, this application also has a feature that helps the creator of the live stream room to lock the room. This is also for the purpose of supporting the idols. This means that people who want to watch live streams are required to give at least one gift to gain access to the room.

With the attractive features of the Mango Live App. Hope you will have moments of entertainment and relaxation through conversations. Quickly download the application to make friends and interact with many new friends!