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By | October 9, 2021

As a pioneer in the field of Live Streaming, with just one device that can connect to the internet, the “Mango Live apk” has helped hundreds of thousands of users make friends, date, and even interact with their favorite idols easily and easier than ever. What are you waiting for without quickly learning about this application?

Introducing Mango Live apk

Mango Live APK free

Up to now, Mango Live APK has had millions of players. Not only possessing outstanding features, but also extremely useful services. You can’t escape the attractive Stream hybrid sessions of beautiful boys and girls. Not only that but this application is also supported on all smart devices such as phones or Ipads. Both Android or iOS operating systems can be found on CH play or App Store.

You can create your content with colorful effects and thousands of rich sticker styles. You can provide your audience with millions of beautiful videos. The connection between idols and friends has been greatly shortened. 

It is remiss not to mention the feature of supporting your idols with sponsorships that are converted into coins. Depending on the amount of money you donate, there will be extremely funny icons that will appear on the Livestream screen.

Application is developed by Co., Ltd, a well-known company in the business market. Therefore, safety has been verified on forums or social networks. This unit always commits that users will receive maximum support with the services provided here. All possible risks during the use of the app are fully supported. From there, users do not worry about being scammed or taken advantage of.

Features of Mango Live Android

With regularly updated versions, is now able to use the LiveStream feature on computer devices with webcams. The variety of devices used will help respondents respond to requests depending on their circumstances. For the most part, apps are not currently supported on macOS. But this company has overcome that weakness when supporting applications on the macOS platform. However, the device’s operating system needs to be the latest to be safer to use.

Mango live for android

All users can use the feature to share interesting moments around them. Not only providing a flexible space that can connect users and idols, but also wants to expand his activities even more. A friendly environment with exciting moments has been expanded like never before. Now you can share and preserve the exciting moments in your personal life with friends and family.

Accessing idol videos has never been easier. App is the only smartphone app that not only brings interaction between users and idols. In which the ability to live stream will bring interesting and funny moments between idols and idols. You can completely chat and confide in your favorite person through the available box chat. Just text in it, the comment will appear on the screen and the idol can read your comment.

Chat with millions of people. The app is now available in over 150 countries, has 100,000 streaming idols and 1,000,000 new users every month. It’s a huge number that many manufacturers have to dream of, isn’t it?

Pros – Cons about Mango Live apk

Why is the app trusted and owned by millions of participants? What are the reasons why this application is always at the forefront of safety and reputation today? Everything has two sides to it. Therefore to help you have the most objective view, here are the advantages and disadvantages of this application.

About the advantages

Attracting a large number of people to download and use, the app brings a variety of personal profiles of many users with their pictures around the world. You can choose anyone who has the profile you are impressed with or connect and chat in real-time with your favorite idols, giving you a unique experience of colorful live streams. 

mangolive apk min

According to statistics, since the app was launched on the market so far, it has received more than 6 billion downloads, and the average time people use the app every day is up to 6 hours. In addition, Mango Live for android also has many other outstanding advantages such as: 

  • The App is completely free.
  • Support on all platforms from IOS operating system or Android operating system to computers, both can download and use easily 
  • Allow live stream users to chat, make friends directly, view and comment on personal views from other videos posted by friends. 
  • The opportunity to become an idol on the app when live streaming also helps you earn a steady income every month. The money earned on the app can be completely withdrawn to your bank account whenever you want. 
  • Eye-catching, easy-to-use interface design with image editing features to get the most perfect beauty in everyone’s eyes during the live broadcast. 
  • Allow users to create private groups to chat with each other 
  • Users can participate in attractive events of famous idols and actors. 

About the disadvantages

Besides the advantages that the app brings to users, in the process of app operation, there are still disadvantages that cannot be overcome. Sometimes causing unnecessary troubles for users. 

The most typical disadvantage to mention is the loading speed of the app. When people access the app during peak hours, it will lead to slow loading speed, making live stream videos jerky, laggy, and not as smooth as before. But we think this is a free app, so it’s hard to avoid this situation. 

If you are looking for a simple application just to watch live entertainment for free every day, what are you waiting for without downloading the app right away to experience it, we are sure the app will not disappoint you.

Thus, with the information that we shared above about the Mango Live APK, we hope that it can help you better understand this application. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them below this article, we will answer you as soon as possible. And finally, if you find the information good and useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and relatives.

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